Build, Create & Communicate with a Purpose
Depending on where your Brand or organization is on the Social Adoption scale, Social Construktion deploys a proven approach to craft your Social program custom to your business, category, and customer needs.
Every engagement typically begins with a Social audit of your current efforts, key competitors, challenges, customer online usage trends, customer interaction points, Brand story and your organizational structure.
The further along a company is on the Social Adoption scale, the survey can take on a more focused approach.
Social tactics, tools and technology are powerful, but when they are strategically integrated throughout your marketing and business operations the results are amplified and your ROI gains efficiency of scale.
We plan for success across all of your online touchpoints (website, mobile, search, App, Facebook, Twitter, CRM, etc.) and off-line interactions.
Starting with goals, objectives and KPIs, the supporting measurement framework will be defined. We have experience integrating Adobe and Google Analytics into operational processes supported with Social Media Management Platforms (upper funnel measurement) and playing the role of architect for unified data across enterprise systems (data warehouse, marketing automation platforms, mobile apps, CRMs, etc.). If it isn’t tracked correctly… your social program will be challenged to prove its value. 
Social Construktion - Build, Leverage, Measure, Optimize
Social Construktion brings an integrated, 360 approach that leverages learnings & insights from nearly two decades of in-the-trench digital/social experience to help you build vibrant, energy efficient ecosystems for long-term Social Value.
Based in CT, we are a digi-social consultancy that specializes in helping Fortune 500 to start-ups construkt and remodel their business to achieve success.