Social Construktion is an integrated, 360 approach that leverages learnings & insights from over a decade of in-the-trench digital/social experience to help you build vibrant, energy efficient Social ecosystems for long-term value.
Based in CT, we are a digi-social consultancy that specializes in helping Fortune 500 to start-ups construkt and remodel their business to achieve Social success.
Jeremy Muratore brings social thought leadership from the very beginnings of the category. In 2006, he was leading Strategy & Analytics for a digital agency in Los Angeles when he had the opportunity to craft the digital strategy around the 1st YouTube Brand Channel and MySpace Brand Page for Nestle Butterfinger. Over the next three years he pioneered social anthems (Let Your Voice Be Heard, Join The Discussion), community management, social listening, social media policy, social advertising, measurement and CSR for progressively digital brands.
Our consultative and strategic services range from Big Idea development and multi-channel execution to Content Development, Community Management training, Social CRM strategy, Audience Building and Touchpoint integration. View Full List of Services
In the age of empowerment, having the tools & technology to listen in and join the conversation is only the beginning.
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