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Mobile is a state of motion, not a device

The word “mobile” has become so synonymous with the cellular phone category that people tend to forget its true meaning. And in doing so, are confusing a state of motion with a device that can make phone calls (among many other things). So what’s the big deal. The industry has been calling itself “mobile” for [...]


Social Media is Like Celery (when calculating ROI)

For anyone that has ever been on a diet or been around someone who has, celery was probably in the mix. Reason being, there is that common myth that eating celery results in negative calories. When calculating ROI of Social Media, take a page out of the dieter’s playbook and use Social Media to offset [...]


JetBlue & The Holiday Boo’s

A few days before Christmas we received our holiday gift from Jet Blue, an email informing us that our direct flight on April 27th from St. Lucia to JFK was canceled. We were now on a flight home from our Honeymoon on Thursday, April 26th, a day earlier. April 26th, seriously? After months of planning [...]