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Mobile is a state of motion, not a device

The word “mobile” has become so synonymous with the cellular phone category that people tend to forget its true meaning. And in doing so, are confusing a state of motion with a device that can make phone calls (among many other things). So what’s the big deal. The industry has been calling itself “mobile” for [...]


Social Media is Like Celery (when calculating ROI)

For anyone that has ever been on a diet or been around someone who has, celery was probably in the mix. Reason being, there is that common myth that eating celery results in negative calories. When calculating ROI of Social Media, take a page out of the dieter’s playbook and use Social Media to offset [...]


Prediction: Privacy will be the new Social in 2012. Google says so.

Prediction: Privacy will be the new Social in 2012. Google says so [interpretively], with the launch of +. How much do you value yourself and your network? Your time? Your privacy? Over the past few years quantity has been the name of the Social game and amassing huge Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans have become eerily [...]


Social Spheres of Influence Converge in Search

Back in February, we noticed Google experimenting more boldly with SERPs and Social results which have become the foundation of their Social position. With the inclusion of Social data, Google and other Search engines have entered the influence game. In the Influence game, Brands are at constant odds to influence their consumers’ opinions and behavior [...]


Sony’s PlayStation Network Hack is a Major Blow to Online Community

By now everyone is aware of Sony’s situation. On April 22, Sony revealed to the public that the Playstation Network was hacked and account data for 77 million users was potentially compromised. Four days later Sony publically admitted and confirmed the extent of the hack via a blog post. See Hack timeline. It’s been down for [...]


Color – A Crowd-Sourced Geo-Social Experiment at the Neighborhood Apple Store, Part 1

Can you feel the excitement and electricity in the air? Can you catch a whiff of the sweet smell of opportunity? Things are oddly reminiscent of 2008-2009 when Facebook and Twitter really started to emerge on the scene and gain critical mass to disrupt and eventually displace MySpace at the top of the Social mountain. [...]


On-site SMO (Social Media Optimization) – The Facebook Link Post

It blows my mind how many companies with large Social efforts are encouraging Social sharing from their websites and are missing out on a huge opportunity. Are you? Every time we begin a new project, one of the first tests I perform is The Facebook Link Post test. It’s not a hugely scientific test and it’s simple for anyone [...]